Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips


Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips

Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips for you from InfoTrucking Team and other trucking professionals!

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We all want and need to be safe! Safety First. Please remember that Speed is not a friend of Safety. Especially in winters, not only the truckers but all road users need to exercise care and caution!

In these videos, you will find information on a variety of topics presented as winter truck driving safety tips. Be sure to use these and also share with your associates and loved ones!

We will keep adding videos in this section to keep all of us updated with latest tips on winter driving.

Don’t miss to say “Happy and Safe Driving” just as we say “Have a Safe flight” to who you meet or can wish! Your good wishes, a lovely smile and a coffee meetup can go a long way in sharing insights into trucking experiences and safety tips other than building strong professional network with other professionals.

You must have adequate winter clothing with you. With unexpected halts or waits, you may have to be out in the winters for extended hours or unexpected events. With other truckers in the logistics chain being delayed you could also likely be affected.

Consider having a couple of extra phone battery chargers and even charging cables, atleast one spare one! With long hauls and winter conditions, you must be able to keep your phone in running order at all costs. Consider buying a charger cable from retail stores which offer this product. You may also find cables at Gas stations, convenience stores too. Also, keep an extra USB phone charger or two with you at all times.Make sure that your plan with your phone company is active and in good standing. Unexpected phone shutdowns can happen if you have not made your payments in time. Be sure you do not land into such a situation while you are in a trip and need the phone, the most.

Keep your truck interior organized and tidy. This may seem very simple and basic but it goes a long way in making your trip a pleasure and delight!

Please read and if possible print this very useful information from WorkSafe BC. This certainly is a very good and useful safety cheatsheet for any Driving professional.

Another very good resource that we found that is particularly relevant to Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips is:

Here is a picture from InfoTrucking team from an Oregon Rest Area. It gives tips about Winter Truck Driving Safety. This is the team’s photoshoot while a stop at the rest area. More great information can be found at, which is the website for Oregon Department of Transportation.

Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips

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