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Here we collect all the posts related to tractors in the tractor-trailer system. We endeavor to provide with various aspects of the tractor or the bobcat.

Jackknifing in Trucks

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Tractor Tandem Axles

Tractor Tandem Axles Tractor with two sets of drive axles is said to have tractor tandem axles.  It is an axle configuration that balances load in a tractor-trailer unit, enhances road safety and improves stability on the road.

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Tractor Single Drive Axles

Tractor Single Drive Axles is an axle configuration in which there is only one drive axle. This arrangement is used in lighter trailer-tractor combination. It has less maintenance, original cost and less weight than other configurations but also has less stability, efficiency, dependability and fault tolerance than tandem or tri-axle system. Check with your Freight …

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