Ohio Travel Resources


For Ohio Travel Resources, check out www.OhioTravelAtlas.com for a whole lot on travel within Ohio! They offer a print magazine as well. A real bright resource with colorful maps, attractions, tourist information contacts and more!

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Road Worx Magazine

www.RoadWorxMagazine.com is a resourceful Trucking magazine that we picked up on our trip to Florida.

See the stuff they offer in the magazine. Cool stuff. Lots of Trucking Ads, Buy & Sells, truck shows etc. Have a peek! We truckers need all the information all the time. Don’t we?

Safe driving! Safe Trucking!

Warm Trucking,

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Hotel Travel Coupons


Travelling through Tennessee, USA in May 2015, I came across an awesome hotel travel coupons guide at a gas station. It was captioned Tennessee Travel coupons. Have a look at their website www.TravelCoupons.com. This free publication, as I explored their website, was not only for Tennessee but for all of USA. WOW !

Find out great information on this website or if travelling through USA, look for their free publication.

Look for a great place to stay in your trip to USA. Great deals mentioned. Hotel Travel coupons such as the ones brought by America Travel Coupons are great resources to make your trip a comfortable one by sharing relevant information with you. Safe and pleasure travels.

Bestie Best Wishes

InfoTrucking Team!


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Trucking Vancouver to Calgary



Hey Friends, Trucking Vancouver to Calgary is a very rewarding experience! We are just excited to share with you some of the information that we found while driving from Vancouver to Calgary! This post may also serve to highlight some aspects of trucking or simply driving from Calgary to Vancouver. Driving through the Rockies is always an exciting and delightful experience!

Though most of the highway speed limits in BC are 100Kms/ hr and in some stretches it is 120Km/ hr. Most of the speed limits in Alberta on the highway are 110Km/hr. However near Banff, be sure to slow down. The speed limit there is 90Km/ hr.

One of our favorite rest areas in Kicking Horse Rest area a few Kms, east of Golden, BC. It has a beautiful view of the Rockies. Be sure to relax and take the needed naps when tired. Relax and Relax!

We are posting a picture taken from the point where everyone on Highway 1 may get the first glimpse of Calgary as they head towards the city from the west side (say Vancouver). Here we go!

View of Calgary from Highway 1, as we head to the city from the West.

View of Calgary from Highway 1, as we head to the city from the West.


View of Calgary from Highway 1, as we head to the city from the West. An InfoTrucking photoshoot!

View of Calgary from Highway 1, as we head to the city from the West.


View from Highway 1, as we head from Calgary towards the West. Trucking Vancouver to Calgary. An InfoTrucking photoshoot!

View from Highway 1, as we head from Calgary towards the West.Trucking Vancouver to Calgary

The distance from Vancouver to Calgary is generally taken as about 970 Kms given that we come through Kamloops.

<span>However near Banff, be sure to slow down. The speed limit there is 90Km/ hr.</span>

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Trucking Repair Services


It is absolutely important for all trucking professionals to have a list of trucking repair services on their planned or intended routes. Being proactive in this regard, is no favor to oneself! Yes, experience helps one know more of facts and tips in this regard. But maintaining a list of repair services is a very important aspect of life on the road! There can be a variety of needs and requirements for upkeep of your truck or trailer. Talking with your fellow professionals on this can go a long way to help you know the facts. Besides, you gain insight into various aspects that your friends may share with you.

Trucking repair services can help you in the time of need and in general. Whether is that preventive maintenance to be done or it is that dreaded breakdown on the road, knowing about trucking repair services is a much needed plus. Trucking repair services cater to different needs of your truck and accessories. It could be parts and services, tire repairs or changes, preventive maintenance, engine tuning etc.

Trucking repair services

Trucking repair services

Many companies have a network of their branches all over the country or areas. Truck repair services may be part of the fueling stations which gives us a one-stop “All services” covered! The favorite of truck drivers may host trucking repair services! Yes, you guessed it. We are talking of none but our cool Truck Stops!

Hey, isn’t that cool? Many repair services have their roadside assistance or are connected with some! Many of them also provide you with e-forms which you may fill up before actually reaching the truck repair facility to help them and you, both, save precious time.

Consider having the phone numbers of these companies saved on your phone!

Let us share with you, some of the trucking repair services.



Also, here we are providing you with a truck roadside assistance that can be very useful to you.


<span>Consider having the phone numbers of these companies saved on your phone!</span>


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Truck Accidents in Canada


In the months of November,December, January and February, the trucking professionals need to be extra careful. There have been many cases of truck accidents in the snow season. Truck accidents in Canada and USA have been a cause of concern to the trucking industry and also to all the involved parties. Highway 1, for example, recently saw many accidents involving trucks and even buses.

Please make sure to follow the very basic rules of safety! Texting, using phones or hand held devices are common causes of distracted driving related accidents.

Please make sure you are equipped for any kind of emergencies!  Having your cell phone fully charged is very important. Consider having battery packs for times when charging through wires, leads, USB etc is not available or feasible.

Come equipped from your home in various possible ways in case you get stranded or get involved is some mishap. Food items come handy if you are stuck in some situation and help takes a while to arrive.

Truck Accident on Alaska Highway near Watson Lake, Yukon.

Truck Accident on Alaska Highway near Watson Lake, Yukon.

On Alaska Highway near Watson Lake Yukon - Pic taken on 22nd April 2015 (2) On Alaska Highway near Watson Lake Yukon - Pic taken on 22nd April 2015 (3) On Alaska Highway near Watson Lake Yukon - Pic taken on 22nd April 2015 (4) On Alaska Highway near Watson Lake Yukon - Pic taken on 22nd April 2015 (5)

The pictures above show truck accidents in Canada. Above are the photos that InfoTrucking team took on 22nd April, 2015 during a trip to Yukon. This spot was between Fort Nelson, BC and Watson Lake, Yukon. During the time of this picture, there were stretches on Alaska Highway where there is no cell phone reception. This no cell phone area extends to hundreds of Kilometers. Be extra careful! Residents are hopeful for getting complete cell phone coverage in these areas on Alaska Highway.

Make sure to follow all rules and directives of your company, brokers, dispatch, destination and pickup  location worksites etc.

Remember, (over) speed is not a friend of safety!

Safe driving is a pleasure! Make safety a habit! We wish you all a safe, delightful and memorable time in the trucking industry!

Best Wishes

www.InfoTrucking.com Team


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Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips


Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips

Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips for you from InfoTrucking Team and other trucking professionals!

    • Truck Driving Winter Tips

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    • OTR Trucking. Winter Driving Tips & Advice

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We all want and need to be safe! Safety First. Please remember that Speed is not a friend of Safety. Especially in winters, not only the truckers but all road users need to exercise care and caution!

In these videos, you will find information on a variety of topics presented as winter truck driving safety tips. Be sure to use these and also share with your associates and loved ones!

We will keep adding videos in this section to keep all of us updated with latest tips on winter driving.

Don’t miss to say “Happy and Safe Driving” just as we say “Have a Safe flight” to who you meet or can wish! Your good wishes, a lovely smile and a coffee meetup can go a long way in sharing insights into trucking experiences and safety tips other than building strong professional network with other professionals.

You must have adequate winter clothing with you. With unexpected halts or waits, you may have to be out in the winters for extended hours or unexpected events. With other truckers in the logistics chain being delayed you could also likely be affected.

Consider having a couple of extra phone battery chargers and even charging cables, atleast one spare one! With long hauls and winter conditions, you must be able to keep your phone in running order at all costs. Consider buying a charger cable from retail stores which offer this product. You may also find cables at Gas stations, convenience stores too. Also, keep an extra USB phone charger or two with you at all times.Make sure that your plan with your phone company is active and in good standing. Unexpected phone shutdowns can happen if you have not made your payments in time. Be sure you do not land into such a situation while you are in a trip and need the phone, the most.

Keep your truck interior organized and tidy. This may seem very simple and basic but it goes a long way in making your trip a pleasure and delight!

Please read and if possible print this very useful information from WorkSafe BC. This certainly is a very good and useful safety cheatsheet for any Driving professional.


Another very good resource that we found that is particularly relevant to Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips is:


Here is a picture from InfoTrucking team from an Oregon Rest Area. It gives tips about Winter Truck Driving Safety. This is the team’s photoshoot while a stop at the rest area. More great information can be found at www.TripCheck.com, which is the website for Oregon Department of Transportation.

Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips

Safe Driving!

Warm Regards,

www. InfoTrucking.com Team!

Please find here some <strong>Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips</strong> from trucking professionals!





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Trucking Companies in North America



We at www.Infotrucking.com endeavor to provide you with a list of Trucking Companies in North America. This is a very general list of companies in the field of trucking. . We try to cover the trucking companies in USA and Canada. Please find herein a list of different companies in the field of trucking. We provide no responsibility for the individual trucking companies, their ratings in different ways, experience of people with them and so forth. Additionally, we do not provide, endorse or reject any reviews about them.  We wish all truckers a safe, enjoyable and a memorable time in their trucking profession. We try our best to give information about the trucking companies in North America on this page and trucking information in general on our website!






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Our Video page

Look for a variety of videos on our Video Page! Chances are you will find your topic within our page.

Email us for any video category that you want included in our site. Thanks.Safe Driving !

Our Video Page…!



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