Diesel Engines – A brief overview

Here’s a concise and easy to understand cheat sheet on diesel engines.


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Backhaul is return trip.  Many times trucks return without loads to their starting destination.  And that means unpaid mileage. It is in the interest of the truckers or trucker companies that they get some load on the way back to where they started from. And that is what backhaul is.

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Jackknifing in Trucks

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The 4 important Truck Engines in all Trucks

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Truck Dispatch Training

This is a great tool for learning about truck dispatch systems, getting  truck dispatch training and knowing about the general trucking transportation logistics.

These videos also explain in detail about brokers, carriers and owner-operators and how they all relate in the trucking industry. This is an amazing training tool to understand what really happens in the world of trucking transportation logistics. They provide a variety of training tools not only for truck dispatch training but also getting in-depth and wider knowledge in the trucking industry. They also have a load board and a transportation management system available as a SaaS at dat.com 

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Mid America Trucking Show


Let’s find out about America’s very popular truck event, the Mid America Trucking Show.


Here is the link to the Mid America trucking show:  https://www.truckingshow.com

Here is if you want to be on our truck show page: https://infotrucking.com/category/truck-shows for more on trucking shows.

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Tractor Tandem Axles

Tractor Tandem Axles

Tractor with two sets of drive axles is said to have tractor tandem axles.  It is an axle configuration that balances load in a tractor-trailer unit, enhances road safety and improves stability on the road.

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Tractor Single Drive Axles

Tractor Single Drive Axles is an axle configuration in which there is only one drive axle. This arrangement is used in lighter trailer-tractor combination. It has less maintenance, original cost and less weight than other configurations but also has less stability, efficiency, dependability and fault tolerance than tandem or tri-axle system.

Check with your Freight Brokers if this configuration is good and safe for the freight that you intend to carry. Most freights expect trucks to have a tandem or tri-axle drive wheel configuration.

You’ll love to read what the Big Truck guide has to say about Tractor Single Drive Axles:  https://www.bigtruckguide.com/4-axle-semi-truck-trailer-single-drive/


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Truckers Rights?

Truckers Rights?

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Load Boards

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