American Trucking Strike 2020

American Trucking Strike 2020

The DOT’s neutrality in the wider trucking affairs has led to a bias in the American bureaucratic circles towards the brokerage sector. The truckers are not being looked after at the political level, Captain Deudermont feels. The regulators at the official level need to have a commercial drivers license (CDL) themselves and need to have done inter-state or regional rounds to perceive issues from the truckers’ shoes.

Many brokerage companies are even making truckers sign in their contracts about not letting them know how much the consignors are paying the brokers. Many of the brokerage firms are hiding those amounts on the bill of lading too.

Though E-logs do not figure out very dominantly in the trucker strike 2020, yet Deudermont feels that e-logs need to be applied considering various factors like size of the trucking company, the number of trucks in a company, their DOT record, driver choices, CSA scores and other such related factors. Applying e-log legislation without considering these factors is leading to less productivity and employee dissatisfaction.

Talking with our team, captain Deudermont in a highly evident sincerity in his tonality shared that while the brokers needed to maintain a fair minimum percentage as their share yet firmly expressed to see 15% as the upper limit for the brokers’ share.

He expressed his concerns as he talked about the number of intermediate brokerage and dispatcher companies escalating for loads, squeezing the truckers’ already low shares of the amounts they receive in the receivable logistics.

Here’s the podcast of Captain Deudermont interview with InfoTrucking team.

Starting his interview with great deal of passion in his talk and expression, Captain Deudermont reminisced on the historic 1973 trucker strike. Building on the narratives, Deudermont shared with us about the 1980 trucker industry de-regulation and the wider free trade themes. Deudermont, however feels that the truckers have been regulated to a great measure while brokers have not been regulated.

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